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FreePoint™ ShiftWorx Machine Monitoring Solutions

The Industry Leader in Monitoring Solutions for Machines of Any Age

Northeast Precision Equipment Sales is proud to offer FreePoint Technologies ShiftWorx monitoring solutions, to help you minimize downtime and increase productivity! This revolutionary solution is designed to connect your machines with your people. Ultimately, you’ll experience increased uptime, minimized downtime and more capacity…without the need to add more resources!

freepoint shiftworx

FreePoint ShiftWorx™

FreePoint ShiftWorx™ brings Industry 4.0 benefits to manufacturing equipment regardless of age or function. FreePoint’s industrial IoT system quickly connects to old (and new) machines and equipment, makes useful information immediately visible to everyone, and engages employees to use “human intelligence” to improve operations in real time.  With a passive, non-invasive approach, FreePoint uses off-the-shelf sensors to detect when a machine is doing work. 

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Most machines can be connected in under 30 minutes without needing any special IT infrastructure or skills.  Manufacturers gain immediate and lasting benefits through increased operational efficiency and capacity throughput, improved employee performance and job satisfaction, and deferred capital expenditures on new equipment.

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