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XP 13' x 6.5'
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The Swift-Cut XP is cutting edge in its design and more durable than ever. The new XP is designed with production cutting in mind up to 32mm, now available to work in conjunction with the Hypertherm MAX PRO 200. Supplied with OMRON AC servo motors across all axes for improved accuracy.


Powermax 45 XP* – Up to 12mm Powermax 65 – Up to 16mm Powermax 85 – Up to 19mm Powermax 105 – Up to 22mm Powermax 125 – Up to 25mm MaxPro 200 – Up to 32mm

Equipped With

Breakaway head Prevent premature torch failure with our breakaway head system Digital torch height control Follow the contour of sheet metal automatically Floating initial height sense Reliable touch off sensing system for accurate pierce heights Fully welded base Heavy duty base redesigned from the ground up provides support and rigidity Intelligent Torch Height Control Never have to set up torch height control yourself. Automatic voltage sampling provides repeatable cut quality and increased consumable life compared to conventional Torch Height Control systems. Engraving tool The Swift-Cut engraving tool allows you to mark and cut in one operation, meaning no more outsourcing or moving your project from one machine to another (optional extra). Table bed options All sizes of table are available with either zoned downdraft or water table extraction. The downdraft option requires the table to be connected to an extraction fan or filtration unit. The water table option requires no additional equipment but needs to be treated and emptied periodically. Both options offer efficient fume suppression. Enclosed cable management All cables completely covered to prevent damage from molten debris Freestanding console Place the console in the most convenient position around the table with the plug and play operator interface assembly Fume management Segmented downdraft system that allows extraction at the point of cut giving you efficient, cost effective and safe cutting environment Fork lifts pockets Effortless relocation and transportation of the table Linear guide rails Offers great cut quality at high speed Helical rack Cut accurately and smoothly to get an extra edge in cut quality and performance Drive system IGBT driven sinusodial Omron 400W drive Servo motor Digital torch height control driven by 100W OMRON servo drive system

SWIFT-CUT XP 13' x 6.5'
Plasma Cutters