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Sheet Metal Finishing

The Industry’s Leading Sheet Metal Finishing Equipment

Northeast Precision Equipment Sales is the leading provider of sheet metal finishing equipment from AM Machinery. We look forward to meeting your metal finishing and polishing needs with top quality, state-of-the-art equipment.

sheet metal finishing equipment

Sheet Metal Finishing Equipment

From AM Machinery, the ML100 round pipe finishing machine is an excellent solutions for finishing & polishing round, oval and elliptical tubes.

Designed with a planetary system that enables sheet metal finishing capabilities without having to rotate the tube, this machine generates the best results on bent and curved tubes as well. The auto feeding system transports straight tubes safely and automatically through the finishing station, enabling a consistent and high productive finishing quality.

metal polishing & deburring

Autopulit Metal Polishing Equipment

Since 1961, Autopulit has been pioneering the manufacturing industry of special automated equipment for abrasive belt grinding, finishing, bright finishing, deburring and micro-finishing of metallic parts. Incorporating the latest technologies, CNC equipment and robotics, Autopulit is leading the industry in specialty finishing equipment.

sheet metal finishing equipment

Loewer Deburring Machines

Since 1861, Loewer has been a leading provider of woodworking machinery and sanding machines. With a huge reservoir of expertise, Loewer machines consistently deliver new innovations and sanding solutions. With both an experienced staff and a team of young, forward-thinking engineers and technicians, Loewer offers best-in-class technical solutions for metal deburring.

sheet metal finishing equipment

KBM Stroke Sander

From KBM, say hello to the Long Belt Grinding Machine M2S 92—a basic configuration, with a flat machine table and twin offset. Ideal for panels, profiles and small housings. Supplied as standard with variable belt speed, belt width either 100mm or 150mm.

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