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Sheet Metal Inspection Machines

The Industry’s Leading Sheet Metal Inspection Machines

Northeast Precision Equipment Sales offers 2D and 3D inspection machines that allow manufacturers to easily and rapidly inspect the quality of their sheet metal products with 2D and 3D inspections, CAD comparisons & reverse engineering.

sheet metal inspection machines

InspecVision 2D & 3D Inspection Machines

NEPES sells a full range of InspecVision 2D and 3D inspection machines. InspecVision are specialists in the design and manufacture of computer vision-based measurement systems for industrial applications.

planar 2d
Planar is a 2D inspection machine that allows manufacturers to simply and quickly verify product quality by performing 2D inspection, CAD comparisons & reverse engineering in seconds.

opti-scan 3d
White Light 3D Inspection and Reverse Engineering systems with accuracies tup to 10 microns and suited to a wide range of applications.

accuity inspecvision
High Speed automated 2D and 3D Optical Gauging for smaller parts requiring higher accuracies.

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